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A little bit about me

Hello! I am a Senior Illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally from Montreal, Qc Canada, I relocated down under back in 2007.


I've worked in the industry for over 20 years. Illustration is a big passion of mine and I find that, it is an effective and creative way to communicate a message or an emotion. My work is bold and rich in simplicity. I love playing with shapes and textures, mixing digital and traditional mediums.

I am also the founder of What The Wolf, an eco-conscious kids' brand based in Melbourne.

We design and produce a select range of original eco-friendly kids' products.


Represented by The Bright Agency.

To talk about a project, please contact me at

hello@tommydoyle.net or my agent at mail@thebrightagency.com

Clients includes

Apple, Microsoft, Hallmark Cards, Cottage Door Press, Auzou, Milan, Emporium Melbourne,

Hooray magazine, Mattel, Oreo, Target and more.


Process breakdown

Refined sketch 


Full colour render




Everything starts with a series

of rough sketches to help find the relevant designs.

Colours and shapes are laid over the sketch using Photoshop.
This step is called "blocking". 

Custom Photoshop brushes
are used to finalise shading & colour adjustments.


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Editions Milan

Le père Noël s'emmêle les cadeaux


Les Aventures de Léon le raton

Un papi au grand coeur

Auzou -  2019

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

Deux amis pour la vie

Auzou -  2018

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

L'île aux Papillons

Auzou -  2018

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

Le mystère du Mont-Raton

Auzou - 2017

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

Destination Grand Nord

Auzou - 2017

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

À la découverte de la mer

Auzou - 2016

Les Aventures de Léon le raton

Part découvrir le monde

Auzou - 2016


Opération coup de vent

Fonfon - 2016


Opération gazon

Fonfon - 2016


Opération gadoue

Fonfon - 2015

Ma gardienne est sourde

...Puis arpès?

Québec Amérique - 2008

Ma gardienne est sourde

Québec Amérique - 2007


Opération flocon

Fonfon - 2014

Books I've illustrated

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Please do not reproduce or publish any pictures without permission.